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(write "none" for the "text on top of screen" to disable the text on top of the screen and the popup when screen is clicked all at once. at the moment if you want to have a text on the top of the screen, you must also provide a link to go to when the screen is clicked, make sure your link starts whit "http://")

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(will try to detect the dimensions of the video, on success will automtacially give the screen the biggest space possible in the available area respecting the video proportions, on failure the video proportions will be defaulted to 320x200 and the same job will be done based on these made up proportions (good for youtube). you will often run into videos that have been "squished" by past encoding/decoding, for these i recommend that you fix them using by specifying proportions manually (the other option to the right))
manually adjust aspect ratio:

width:(from 0 to 320)
height:(from 0 to 200)
start loading parts in advance

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(sometimes one can not stream two of the same video at the same time. if the video plays on this page but does not play when you click the link to try it in fullscreen, try closing this page)

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